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Tri County Furniture Service Inc.

Our technicians use the latest technology to service your customers. We truly put the power to provide the highest levels of service in their hands. The Technician App is IOS/ Android phone and tablet friendly.

Our Service Apps

With our CRM, we provide a seamless work order flow from beginning
to end. See all progress on your customers including all notations,
notifications and reports in TRUE TIME.


Use our CRM to order parts with ease or we can do it for you. Our Parts
Ordering System allows you to create and manage parts orders, send
them direct to the manufacturer or vendor that will supply them and
track them as they are shipped.

Parts Ordering & Tracking

Our dispatcher’s algorithm automatically adds needed availability
based on volume. The dispatcher can also auto scale as needed or
based on the limits set by our routing department.

Dispatch and Appointment System

Tri County Furniture Service is revolutionizing the service industry. TCFS now offers a Virtual Tech platform powered by Service Technologies for everyday inspections on home furnishing products that can be performed virtually with the help of a live TCFS technician to better serve and provide alternative solutions to speed up the service process.

Virtual Tech

Why partner with Tri County Furniture Service? We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We care about your brand and try our best everyday to protect it. From consistent training with our Care reps and our Service technicians in the field, to investing in the latest technology, we are always trying to improve.


Partner with Us

When it comes to communications, we try not to miss a beat. Our communication consists of call, text and email scripts to notify, communicate and confirm with the consumer.

Customer Communications

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Give us a call and schedule your next appointment with us.  A highly trained Care Representative is an email/phone call away.

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