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Tri County Furniture Service is revolutionizing the service industry. TCFS will be releasing a Virtual Tech platform powered by Service Technologies for everyday inspections on home furnishing products that can be performed virtually with the help of a live TCFS technician to better serve and provide alternative solutions to speed up the service process.

The Virtual Tech app will allow customers to schedule a virtual service visit at their convenience and virtually interact with a technician at Service Technologies to diagnose a problem quickly and efficiently and figure out what’s needed to fix it, if it should be covered and repair during the virtual visit.  Turnaround time for initial inspections are typically 7-10 days but with virtual service visits could be as low as 30 minutes depending on the issue..

How it Works Virtual Tech App?

First, the consumer will contact the retailer or manufacturer about the service issue, and a rep will determine if a virtual visit is needed after troubleshooting, seeing what the damage is and if it’s covered, and verifying if parts or a tech visit is needed.

The rep will send a link to the customer to start a virtual visit via text message. Through the video call, the rep will view damages with the customer and, when needed and if qualified, will troubleshoot to resolve the issue.

If troubleshooting works, the claim is then closed. But if the issue is not resolved, then depending on the results the rep determines the best course of action, the rep will either send the tech to repair damages, order or locate parts to repair the issue before sending a tech, or help in determining if the piece should be covered and repaired with sending a detailed report back to the vendor.

Benefits for using Virtual Tech App:

  • Perform more inspection calls daily
  • Increases First Time Fix %
  • Eliminate / Reduce unnecessary service costs
  • Allow customers to self-schedule a virtual visit (30 min time intervals)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Faster turnaround time on Claims

Need Furniture Parts?

TCFS also has a multitude of most commonly needed parts, from adapters to plugs, handles, springs, connectors, etc. They also have motors for motion furniture coming on their next shipment and plan to add over 40 new parts to their arsenal. This will increase their 1st time fixes appeasing the customers while saving their partners money and time. You can visit these selection of parts at


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