Who are we?

Well simply stated, Tri County Furniture Service (Team TCFS) is the company that comes to your home or business and cleans or repairs your furniture.

But much more than that, We Care.

What do we care about?

  • We care about your time
  • We care about your needs
  • We care that you are treated with the utmost courtesy & respect
  • We care that you are informed every step of the way

We want your experience with Team TCFS to be a great one. From your initial contact with one of our customer care representatives, thru the repair or cleaning process with one of our service representatives in your home. We always appreciate your feedback and will consistently strive to show you that We Care.

Feel free to call us with any concerns. 888-400-3185


Our Story

Everyone has a story and we are no different. Here is the short version.

Tri County Furniture Service was founded in 2002 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The name was thought of due to us servicing the “Tri County” areas of Dade, Broward & Palm Beach in Florida. By 2006 we expanded throughout Florida and also the Tri State areas of NY, NJ & CT. Today we provide service within 36 states and visit over 100,000 customers just like you every year. From starting with one guy in a truck in 2002, we currently employ over 100 people in the United States with offices in West Palm Beach, FL and Las Vegas, NV.

As we continue to grow, our founder believes in keeping the namesake of Tri County Furniture Service going as everywhere we service has a “Tri County” area. When we service you, our service partners & employees are homegrown & local to you. They are your neighbors and live within or close to your communities. We believe in investing in every area we service and what better way to invest in a community then by investing in the people.

Our Core Values


T- Thankful for our customers and partners.
C- Charitable to our community.
F- Fun yet professional environment.
S- Serve all customers to the best of our ability and with integrity.

Our customers, partners and employees are our neighbors. Our goal is to treat every one of our neighbors with honor, respect and integrity.


  • Samuel

    Eseubio was great! He was respectful, friendly and tried to help with my issue. Unfortunately the chair wouldn't replicate it when he was there.

  • Samantha

    Eusabio was great, very personable and friendly really knew his stuff, he was quick and thorough made a couple of changes to the wiring so we would not have this problem again, He's great guy very impressed.

  • Anita

    James was very nice and extremely professional. He was very careful with his equipment to not scratch or dirty our floors, and he did his work quickly and effectively.

  • George

    Diane was wonderful! She was pleasant and knew her job well. Would definitely recommend her to anyone!!!

  • Rebecca

    He was the second tech I had and was super helpful! I would highly recommend him. The first tech looked at the same table, didn't follow up with me and recommend a new table. This current visit, the tech fixed it all and it looks like new.

  • Sam

    Alexander was wonderful as a technician and fixed our problem and furthermore, he was very astute and listened and fixed the problem. He was truly a conscientious technician!