Wood Furniture Repair & Care

TCFS provides repair services for your wood furniture. Repair services include;

  • Dents & gouges
  • Cracks
  • Scratches
  • Water marks & staining
  • Heat marks & burns
  • Discoloration & fading
  • Loose joints on pieces that wobble such as chairs, tables etc
  • Refinishing (In some areas)

Here are some tips for caring for your wood furniture

Fine wood furniture surfaces require special care to look their best. Here are a few dos and don’ts for bringing out that healthy shine.

  • Wood breathes, almost like we do, and so both extremely moist and extremely dry air should be avoided. Also, try not to place your wood furniture near air or heating vents. This could contribute to drying out and warping.
  • Protect all wood furniture from direct sunlight. Color loss may be experienced.
  • Use coasters under glasses to prevent water marks and moisture damage.
  • Use a protective plate or similar to protect from hot items such as plates, bowls or serving dishes.
  • Dust to maintain a clean surface and protect finishes from soil build-up. Use a clean, lint-free, absorbent cloth.
  • Avoid the use of Windex or similar home products on your wood furniture. Use only products that are made to clean or polish your wood furniture
  • Have a professional technician such as Tri County Furniture Service do a complete cleaning and polishing of your wood furniture

Please note- these are all suggested Care & Maintenance routines and methods. TCFS always recommends using a professional technician for any cleaning or repairs to your furniture.

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  • Samuel

    Eseubio was great! He was respectful, friendly and tried to help with my issue. Unfortunately the chair wouldn't replicate it when he was there.

  • Samantha

    Eusabio was great, very personable and friendly really knew his stuff, he was quick and thorough made a couple of changes to the wiring so we would not have this problem again, He's great guy very impressed.

  • Anita

    James was very nice and extremely professional. He was very careful with his equipment to not scratch or dirty our floors, and he did his work quickly and effectively.

  • George

    Diane was wonderful! She was pleasant and knew her job well. Would definitely recommend her to anyone!!!

  • Rebecca

    He was the second tech I had and was super helpful! I would highly recommend him. The first tech looked at the same table, didn't follow up with me and recommend a new table. This current visit, the tech fixed it all and it looks like new.

  • Sam

    Alexander was wonderful as a technician and fixed our problem and furthermore, he was very astute and listened and fixed the problem. He was truly a conscientious technician!