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Keep It Clean

Cleaning your upholstery removes soiling and staining that will degrade the fibers over time. If you have a spot or an entire piece of furniture, our professional technicians are there to provide the cleaning you need.

Fabric Upholstery & Cleaning

Maintain Your Leather

Though leather furniture is very durable and easily cared for, you must maintain and care for it. Leather is a natural product and as aging progresses the leather can actually dry out.

Leather / Vinyl Cleaning & Repair

Wood Maintenance

Fine wood furniture surfaces require special care to look their best. Here are a few dos and don’ts for bringing out that healthy shine.

Wood Furniture Care & Repair

Bedding Inspections

Our technicians have been fully trained on Bedding Inspections. Tri County Furniture Service will provide a full inspection with all required photos and documentation as well as provide a recommendation of what should be done in our report.

Bedding Inspections

We Handle Everything

TCFS is a full-service company. We also offer repairs to the following

Other Services

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