Leather Cleaning & Repair

Leather Cleaning & Repair

TCFS provides cleaning and repair services for leather & vinyl. Some of the repairs & services we offer are;

  • Stain removal such as ink, food/ beverages & more
  • Refinishing of fading & discoloration
  • Repair of rips, tears & burns
  • Repair of scratches, scuffs & rub marks
  • Cracking/ Peeling repair & refinishing

Here are some tips for caring for your leather furniture

Though leather furniture is very durable and easily cared for, you must maintain and care for it. Leather is a natural product and as aging progresses the leather can actually dry out. This can cause it to discolor, crack or peel. With proper care, leather can improve with age, becoming more appealing to both the touch and the eye and outlast other furniture types.

  • On a monthly basis clean your leather with approved leather cleaner and conditioners only, to remove dust and oils from the surface.
  • Clean any spills right away. Do not let them sit.
  • Do not place sharp objects on your leather such as a knife or scissors to avoid scratches, cuts or rips.
  • Place your furniture at least two-three feet away from any heat sources such as a fireplace or radiator. This can dry out the leather
  • Protect your leather furniture from direct sunlight. Some leathers, such as full and semi-aniline, will fade over time.

Please note- these are all suggested Care & Maintenance routines and methods. TCFS always recommends using a professional technician for any cleaning or repairs to your furniture.


Do you know what type of leather you have?

Knowledge is power when shopping for and buying leather furniture. Figuring out the leather type is not that hard. The Manufacturer will normally provide this on the furniture’s label, deck label or written materials that came with the piece. You can even check their website for this info. This will also help you understand how it should be cared for as explained in our cleaning section.


Protected/ Pigmented – also known as type “P” this is most common & popular leather for consumers as it is the most durable. Due to the pigmented/ protective coating they are very easily maintained and cleaned

Aniline – also known as type “A” or “unprotected” is known for its soft feel and natural characteristics. There is no protective coating and is easily scratched with your fingernail. Though one of the most attractive leathers due to its soft feel and natural look they are more susceptible to staining by liquids or body/ hair oils. It is a natural characteristic of type ‘A” leathers. Though we have been very successful cleaning this leather type, some stains may actually be permanent or only remove to a lighter point.

Nubuck – also known as type “N” or suede/ chaps has the same characteristics as Aniline. In fact, these are aniline leathers that have been sanded or brushed to create a knap similar to velvet. This is actually the softest and most porous of leathers. Type ‘N” is very susceptible to staining by liquids or body/ hair oils. It is a natural characteristic of type ‘N” leathers. Though we have been very successful cleaning this leather type, some stains may actually be permanent or only remove to a lighter point. Most stains will actually dry darker.

Bicast Leather – also known as Bonded leather, is not a true leather. It is a man-made product that consists of left-over leather fibers (scraps) that are bonded together then finished with a thick layer of polyurethane. This product tends not to have the same lasting power as a type “P” or other leathers and does tend to delaminate. This can cause bubbling, cracking & peeling.

No matter the leather type, regular maintenance is needed. Contact Tri County Furniture Service today to set up a maintenance schedule for your leather furniture and allow us to help protect your investment. With regular cleaning and conditioning your leather should last for years to come.

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